Getting baby to sleep

So many of my clients have small children, and so many new parents are absolutely exhausted. It seems to be the toughest when maternity leave is over, both are back at work and the newish small person won’t settle in the evening, wakes constantly in the night and both parents go off in the morning too tired to work while baby can have a good solid nap at nursery or with grandparents and is positively perky by late morning while you parents are struggling to stay awake and concentrate.

It’s not until the baby no longer needs a night feed that any sort of routine can begin. But then it’s worth having a go at settling them the same way every evening. We all know that a warm bath followed by a milk drink can help, a favourite soft toy and a glowing night light can be very comforting. Always putting the baby in the cot at the same time helps too. And lots of parents find that soothing music, (nothing visual) that is the same every night, can become associated with both falling asleep and going back to sleep in the night. Babies love routine and they love music. Here’s a link to some mindful baby music to try……The Mindful Baby